Blown for Good by Marc Headley

This is a book about a man and his time working and being part of the Church of Scientology. Many call them a religion, others call them a cult. Regardless of what you think of them however, this is a fascinating and remarkable tale about Marc’s life up until he escaped from the group (or ‘blew’ as it’s called hence the title) .

Blown for Good by Marc Headley

Marc is a natural storyteller and we see what it was like to be brought up following Scientology (he wasn’t a direct convert himself) and being part of the ‘clergy’ of the Church. In Marc’s case, he was a technician. We see how they thought, the vocabulary used by members, how they are educated, the obsession with stats and performance and the punishments for not delivering on them. If it wasn’t that a number of the things written have been verified by other former members, it would be hard to believe. As you’d expect of course, the Church of Scientology have discredited and dismissed what has been said in this book.

Marc tells us about his interactions with the head members of the organisation and how they acted and behaved along with his meeting with a significant Hollywood celebrity and member of the Church.

I was fortunate enough to get a signed copy of both Marc and his wife Claire who appears prominently in this book also.

What helps with the narration is that Marc himself genuinely comes across as a genuinely nice guy and in some respects a natural rebel who has a good sense of right and wrong.

This is not so much a book about Scientology itself but Marc’s own experiences. A quick search on the Internet or book stores will show you books about the history of the Church and what other former members experienced at different times and years of being there.

Out of all them however I found this one the easiest to read as Marc keeps you gripped with each chapter with what is happening.