Blog update : 23/04/20

Before I go on just thought I’d say I’ve created a social media account on @garethhughesreviews where I will put general bits an bobs and share links etc. I picked Mastodon because it’s a bit different is all.

There’s me on Mastodon.

Since starting this blog I’ve had some surprisingly positive feedback as well as some criticism both constructive and brutal (which I don’t mind too much, I wasn’t taking this whole thing too seriously to begin with and some of it was funny).

I have however, decided to make some changes just to be a little more consistent with my posts and to hopefully improve the quality of everything in general.

My earlier posts were quite short and that was because at first I created a Twitter page and wanted to limit the posts to the size of the Twitter character limit which turns out to be a bit complicated with some books. From now on I have set myself a minimum word count of 300 words and a maximum of 600 for each post.

Previously I would just write what I felt about a book a soon as I finished reading it and just spewed out what I thought about it there and then, like a first impression. This I’ve decided is a bit unfair on some books so I will take a step back to look at some books after a second analysis of them.

I will also try and not overload some paragraphs where that can be helped.

I want to do at least on post a week and all photos will be my own (If they weren’t mine thy would have been using fair use or public domain pictures as I’m aware).

I’ve already done it for Clarice Lispector but I intend to highlight and make a pages for the certain books and genres I’m interested in and do follow up blog post on book I’ve already looked at.

Finally I want to thank everyone who have enjoyed what I’ve put on here, I really do appreciate it.