Genesis 1 a graphic novel by poppy

Apologies first this one will be a first draft burst of a post but I do want to share my love for Poppy so here we go.

OK so first of all we know, this isn’t really by Poppy (Moria Pereira) or by Titanic Sinclair (though they were the creators), this graphic novel is by Ryan Cady, Minomiyabi and Ian McGinty. Since the second Poppy graphic novel should be out August 2020 I thought I would have a look at the first one.

Genesis 1

As I’ve just said this isn’t by Poppy but due to her very nature of what she is and how she presented and portrayed I am more than happy to keep to abide to the kayfabe to borrow a wrestling term. If you have watched any of the old YouTube videos involving Poppy you will know that she is a curious if an albeit peculiar character with unknown origins who has a unique fascination of the world around her who is friendly and yet at the same time has a haunting aura about her (have a look at that Kids React To Poppy YouTube video as an example). She likes to sing pops songs that have a pop theme theme to them (Since her split with from working with Titanic Sinclair she has taken a different route concentrating more of a metal theme and has definitely distanced herself away from her old character).

In this graphic novel we learn of the origin story of Poppy and the people around her along with the people fascinated by her and who want to know more about her. As with such graphic novels that are not whole collected volumes, it is relatively short which is fine as the artwork itself compensates for that and I did finish reading it wanting more. If there’s anything I would pass comment on is that they put a gay character in the story just for the sake of putting them in there, it did feel a bit contrived but at the same time it did not take anything away from the overall plot. Poppy Seeds will love it, from the references to her songs, to the references to her Youtube videos and the story itself is actually quite gripping despite how short it is. The use of QR codes with additional content and a soundtrack for the graphic novel is a big plus for me, as I have mentioned in one of my previous post (The Modern Art of Reading, shameless plug for there sorry not sorry) I think we need to see more thing like this with reading in general.

I have a signed copy by Poppy because of course I do.

I don’t think it’s for everyone, I don’t know what people will think of a Manga style of portraying Poppy but again if you buy into the fantasy of Poppy, it works it does not downgrade anything. I also know people who like her songs over her videos and vice versa and I know some prefer certain ages of Poppy (pre I Disagree album etc). I will shamelessly admit that I consider myself a fan Poppy from the songs to how she presents herself.

Also I’m Poppy