Wondago by Melinda Culea

Wondago is a novel by Melinda Culea. If that name is familiar to you it is because Melinda Culea is an actress known for being Amy Allen in the TV Show The A Team.

Wondago by Melinda Culea

The book is about a girl named Maggie who after some psychological trauma goes away to the small town of Wondago to stay with her great aunt. We know at the start that not everything was all at peace after arriving because she is trying to remember events before being found almost dead. Maggie also draws what she remembers which guide the narration and we know that there is somebody missing.

Wondago is mystery novel with a hint of magical realism and as stated above Maggie’s illustrations which accompany what is being said. The pastel drawings really help in showing the world Maggie sees along with her visions that she draws as well. None of the characters seem flat in anyway and the dialogue of the characters sound natural. My favourite part of the book is the appearance and imagery of the crows that are collective characters in themselves in Wondago (of which one of them you can see on the front of the book).

The back of the book with a brief detail of Melinda Culea.

The town Wondago, like it’s characters had a sense of being believable and has some depth to it. My only criticism if there is one is that I thought it could have done with a few extra pages. The conclusion just seemed a bit abrupt and I felt like more could have been added and would have liked to have more about Aunt Edna, her friends and Ruth. Despite this I found it a good little page turnerand I liked how Maggie’s drawing helps in assisting what she describes and how she sees the world.

Like what it says at on the back of the book is what I got from the story. To not be afraid especially of what you don’t understand.