Today is my one year anniversary from when I started this blog and as to mark this event I thought I would just do a light easy one. Not so serious, I have already done a 2020 year review and just over part way into February things still feel relatively the same. My friends and relatives around the world are all fed up with the global pandemic, nothing is wholly uncertain and people’s live have irrevocably changed. On the good side (for me at least) I have probably kept in touch with more people than I ever have.

Anyway, moving on from that , I’ll keep it book related. Having finished reading about The Assassins I have been doing too much reading. There are a couple of books that I’m casually going through, some of which I have read before. Some which are taking me longer than I thought it would take me to read them but I don’t mind picking it up from time to time. This is specifically the case for Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar. I am also reading House of Leaves by Danielewski which I have already read before and I’m just jumping through random book on my Ebook (does anyone else do that is that just me?). So that’s about it on the reading front. In case you haven’t noticed I don’t really read the latest thing out there. I like what I like and I might come round at some point to reading that ‘trendy thing’ eventually. More than likely when everyone else has forgotten about it.

Here is one of my personal favourite books. My Dinosaur Adventure.There is only one unique copy of it because it’s one of them children’s adventure books my Grandad gave me for Christmas when I was a boy. It mentions me by name and where I lived at the time. It was about me and my adventures with dinosaurs. I remember showing it to my friends and they said they had their own versions also. I was a little underwhelmed after that but I have kept it none the less.

Do any of you guys like it when authors sign their books? I have a fair few myself. I have two of Ian McKewan’s signed by the man himself with just his name. The same with Andrew Graham Dixon (art critic). In the world of football I have the biographies of Ian Rush and Michael Owen signed and I have have the honour of seeing what Andy McNab’s face after he signed a copy of his book Fortress among others. It is not liked their first edition signed copies of Don Quixote but they are special to me. Also sadly my favourite writers are no longer in the world of the living.

Anyhow, I hope you all making the most of life during this pandemic and reading something interesting. Thanks for reading this far. I don’t know when the next book blog post I’ll make will be but I will lock on to something eventually.

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