I already posted my main 2020 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2021 posts a while ago — only on my new blog (separate post to come) –, but I held back on my 2020 reading statistics until the year was well and truly over.  And for all my good intentions when posting my mid-year […]

2020 in Facts and Figures by ThemisAthena

3 thoughts on “Blog Post by ThemisAthena : 2020 in Facts and Figures

  1. Hello GH,

    I appreciate the reblog of this post if it’s meant as a mark of appreciation in turn — however, when reblogging any post of mine, please add a rider explaining that this is not a post of yours (the way it currently appears, that isn’t clear). Thank you very much in advance!



    1. Hello

      Of course no problem at all, I do apologise for any inconvenience on my part there, I have mentioned that it’s from you and I have created an extra link to your blog also.

      Thanks for the love.

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