Ok firstly, I do apologise for this but I wanted to show you what reading Lord Timothy Dexter’s work was like which is why everything is written in the way it is. You’re the lucky one I somehow managed to read the whole thing, I don’t think I’m losing it just yet….

Lord Timothy Dexter wos a rich ecantric man from the younited States in Newburyport masachoosis

The legasy of Lord Timothy Dexter can be fond in his col lection of wrytings in A Pickle For The Knowing Ones Or Plain Truths In Homespun Dress This peecooliar collaction off wrytings are peecooliar for a number of resons Its riddled with spalling and grammer mustakes and there is no respact for punctuation The copey I have is only 36 pages however as you woud expect it is hard to reed

I honastly thourt at first that Lord Timothy Dexter was a made up character by the pooblisher but if you go to Newburyport in the Yoonited stated where he was from you can acksually find the cemetery where he was bereed along with his wife and his son (I’ll add where I found that in the comments) Incidentally what the date of death said by the editor and what is said on Dexter’s head stone do not match needing off bi a few dayss


We reed of a man who maid a lot of monee from what wood first seem like ridiculus trades but turned out to be profitable and maed him rich We read about his thots in general we leen abot who is family were and his thoughts on the self and his local area of Newbury Lord Timothy Dexter didnt live in the modern age if he did he would have just written a blog insted he obtayned the services of a printer publisher of which he does reference in his wryting We are maid aware that he had no fourmal educaycion

Fortoonately for the reeder for enything that is not clear such as the bad spalling has foot notes by the aditor teling you what it is ment to say as well as a brief introoduction betwen each saction abot wat Dexter is going on abot

I was also amoosed bi the fact that in his 1st edition of this wryting he didnt includ any punctuation so in the reprint he aded an appendix and added all the stops there and that the reeder may peper and solt the work as they plese

The hole tex is sumthin of note that if enyfing is amoosing and bizarre


In honor of the man I thot I wud do the same with the stops and punctooation so you can peper and salt the text as you see fit see below


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