Just a little lite post for you. At the time of writing this the coronavirus looks like it’s not going anywhere soon and while I’m inside I just want to write about something relatively easy to read and I was going to look at this one eventually.

Reboot by Michael Owen

I’m not a big fan of sports biographies, or when I do read them I always skip the chapters about their childhoods and get to the bits about their career highlights and some can be a bit dull. With Michael Owen I will make an exception.

The only thing I’ve never liked about Owen is that he often scored against my beloved Everton for the local rivals across Stanley Park. Other than that he’s had a remarkable career. Famous for that goal in World Cup 98 against Argentina.

My signed copy.

I’m not going to pick this book with a fine tooth comb other than to say Michael Owen comes across as honest and in some cases quite witty and humourous and his anecdotes about other football players and managers are fascinating. If there is anything you can learn from this is that as a sports star he admits to being competitive and wanting to win as you’d expect.

I was glad that he mentioned he’s on a video game cover with Christiano Ronaldo. I always assume football players don’t bother thinking about stuff like that.

Me with the man himself.

He’s a good guy and I recommend this as good read if you’re a football fan.

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