In short, this is a book about a man who is charged for something he has no idea of what it is. His conscience is at the least, clear.

The Trial by Franz Kafka (Idris Parry translation)

This is a book about man who gets so lost in the bureaucracy and the technicalities of his case along with other barriers put against him that he forgets to dwell on what exactly it is he’s been charged for.

the has been charged for and from the start the first man to tell him of his charge says it is not his job to tell him. Things get worse for the protagonist from there on in.

There’s a part of the book where someone tells him of unwritten rules when dealing with certain judges which is just as baffling to him a school the standard du process of the case. His lawyer isn’t helpful to him either.

The fact that the protagonist Josef K’s frustrations are some what familiar to us is what makes this book truly remarkable.

Franz Kafka

If you’ve ever been wound up by jobsworths of some degree that you’ll understand some of K’s frustrations.

I don’t know if it is because of the nature of the plot but in my mind’s eye K’s world was in shades of grey, I never felt any colour coming through though I do think that was intentional by Kafka showing us what type of world it is. This is a world of tedium an doing things in a particular no to upset kart. There are processeses that nobody quite understands an yet everybody has to follow.

This was an unforgettable book for me and I liked how Kafka sends you on the journey of the story with K and your with him throughout the whole tale. Many of the characters including K himself aren’t perfect and some are detestable. There were even some lines and actions of K where I was wishing he didn’t do that or say what he said and already I’m forgetting that it’s just a story. This is what made me love The Trial. Karla made me support K and also made me annoyed by him when he did something I didn’t agree with. I was getting annoyed by K as if he was real and no all

I suspect this story would go over the heads of some people but for the rest of us, I can’t recommend it enough.

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