I thought I’d combine the three in one. Ancillary Justice is truly a work of art with it’s action and thrills. We follow Breq with her quest and why she is on it decades previously.

Ann Leckie not just focuses on the adventure itself but the cultures languages and the complex universe the story is set in. I don’t know what other readers would think of the change of pace from Justice to Sword and Mercy which slows it down much more.

Breq is also more of an authority figure in Sword and Mercy and she has to handle a different types of scenarios. Sword and Mercy seemed to be more focused on personalities and trying to figure out why certain characters do things.

What I also found interesting is that Breq talks as if she’s talking in the language of the Raadch Empire in the book. This language only have the pronoun she and her to describe people so sometimes you have to figure out who is being described or speaking based on everything else they do.

Although all good I think Ancillary Justice in particular is truly remarkable.

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